Review: Watch Us Rise

Even though this book is really political, it isn't boring. The plot helps to weave the whole thing together and the characters bring the political feminist ideas to life in a way I haven't seen before. And I loved it!


Does My Disability Define Me? (A Poem)

Does my disability define me? Yes, And no. It’s my limitations, My strengths. It’s with me, always. But it’s not me. I’m a writer. Reader. Daughter. Sister. I work, But it forces me to fight Harder. My disability is me. But I’m not my disability. I’m more than that, Invisible, But visible, Everyday, I shout,... Continue Reading →

Review: The Darkest Star

I really recommend this book, not just because it's full of nostalgia, but because the plot is full of so many twists and mysteries that it's compelling from the first page to the last!

I’m Taking a Break (Sort Of)

Hello everyone, I realised lately that keeping up with my regular blogging schedule as well as my work life, home life, writing and other hobbies is becoming too difficult to keep up. I haven't written any words towards my novel in a few months and now I really want to start putting my all into... Continue Reading →

Monday’s Memo | August (2019)

01/07/19 - 05/08/19 General Update... Hi Everyone, how are you? It might be a year late, but I've finally graduated with an MA! July has been filled with lots of celebrations and days out with a lot of new memories being made with my family. It's been a good month! This Month On RacheLeanne... 12... Continue Reading →

July’s Favourites 2019

Hi everyone, how are you all? It feels like it's been a while! Here are my favourites from the month of July. BOOKS I have read five books this month, but I only have two favourites. Alice Oseman's Heartstopper Volume Two and Temi Oh's Do you dream of Terra Two. I'll be talking about the... Continue Reading →

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