February Favourites (2019) + FODMAP

Hello Everyone, didn’t February just pass with a blur? I know it’s the shortest month, but it’s disappeared so fast this year. At least we’ve been having some lovely weather in the UK though! Here are my favourites for the month of February.


This month we have ‘Cold Day in the Sun’, the first five star ARC this year so far, ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, this month’s book club book, ‘Warm Bodies’ a book that’s been on my shelf since 2012 that I really regret not reading sooner, and a manga, ‘Ouran High School Host Club Volume 1′, which is something I have really gotten into lately.


This month I loved ‘Book Club’ it was funny and really likeable. I also went to the cinema twice, to watch kids movies on my own, because I’m cool like that. First, I saw ‘How to train your dragon 3: the hidden world‘ and I also went to see ‘the lego movie 2′ which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would considering I had heard that it’s bad from a few people (I thought it was good, not as good as the first one, but still really entertaining and funny). I also watched two valentine’s themed movies this month to make up for the fact that I was ill and alone on valentines day this year 😢. I watched the Valentines Special of ‘Free Rein’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’ on Netflix.


I am still loving Bishop Briggs this month, but I have also just discovered a band called The Score who I am loving! Alongside this, I have also been developing my own power songs playlist which is really helping me to write the fight scenes in my work-in-progress.


I have been watching a lot of TV again this month, something I need to stop doing so I can catch up with my writing and reading. However if it makes me happy, then I believe it’s time well spent. I finished watching Meteor Garden 2018 this month, which was bittersweet. I will miss watching it, and especially Doaming Si, but I have found some great shows on Netflix since I finished it. This includes the K-Drama Oh my Ghost (or Oh My Ghostess) and Umbrella Academy. On mainstream TV I have really been getting back into Runaways S2, and I am enjoying Charmed so far. And I am getting stuck into the reality show How the other kids live (channel 4), Cats around the house (BBC2) and hell’s kitchen S18. How the other kids live is a great show as it examines culture and class and how children react to meeting other kids who are different from themselves.


This month I had a bit of a splurge on stationary, not that I should have done… I brought a couple of new 96 slot pencil cases for organising my bullet journal pens. It was bigger than I expected and has a pocket on the front which conicidently fits my bullet journal exactly so has now unofficially become my bullet journal holder. I got mine in the Llama pattern and the ‘Christmas’ pattern that’s just a nice woodland deer design.

I also found some really great little floral stickers for my diary. I am not very good at drawing plants, so these were perfect and they were really cheap as well!

This month I also invested in my very first Tombow in N97 Warm Grey 2.

And because Tombow are really, really, really, expensive, I also got these cheaper versions of dual brush pens that actually have a better fine tip for my uses. And they came with a sketch pad which was cool!


This month I have also been investigating pieces for when I redecorate my room. But when I was shopping at The Range I found an awesome storage box with dividers and pots which is PERFECT to hold all my bullet journal and scrapbooking supplies! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link or a picture for it online though.


Food and drink is a hard one this month since I have been put on a FODMAP diet due to my diagnosis of FGID. I really miss food. LIKE REALLY MISS IT. I want fresh bread and oven baked rolls, I want Yorkshire puddings, gravy and sage and onion stuffing, I want pancakes, cakes, pastries and packet noodles. But alas. I have tried the gluten-free alternatives, and although some are nice I really miss the real thing.

So here is a list of my FODMAP favourites this month.

  • Salt and Vinegar Seabrook Crisps
  • Salt and Vinegar Rice Cakes
  • Young’s gluten-free fish fingers
  • Oatibix
  • Rice Crispies
  • Schar gluten-free ciabatta
  • rice noodles
  • Strawberries
  • Schar waffles
  • ASDA gluten-free shortbread
  • Chinese Five-Spice and Soy Sauce FOR ADDING FLAVOUR TO FOOD! (Everything is so plain……)
  • Smoked Bacon (great for giving flavour to passata with gluten-free pasta).
  • Tesco gluten and dairy free brownie mix.





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