Remembrance Sunday

Remember Them Friends, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, We Will Remember Them. Fathers, Spouses, Daughters, Sons, We Will Remember Them. Brave, Strong, Loyal, Loved, We Will Remember Them. Family, War, Death, Pain, We Will Remember Them. Wars Past, Wars Present, We Will Remember Them, Those Hurt, Those Safe, We Will Remember them, The Past, The Present, The... Continue Reading →


Red Or Black

Warning: This story contains mature themes that will be disturbing for some readers.    They picked me up on my way to the slums. Luckily they hadn’t arrived a minute earlier. If they had, they would have seen me visiting the tall, translucent figure of the artificially intelligent Docbot. I touched the small scar on... Continue Reading →

Digitising REM

Recently I began taking a class at University about dreaming and writing and as one of our assignments we had to create a blog in groups. If you would like to check out some of our work check out this link: I uploaded a post today that I was especially proud of. I wrote a... Continue Reading →

Going Home

Outside the cold wind howls and the winter blows. Hair wisps caught in the shivering breeze as fingers freeze in the frigid evening air. Time passes slowly in the dark of winter as the rain patters down on the plastic roof. Huddling into the collars of coats for warmth to try and stave away the... Continue Reading →

Writing as Our Own Shadows

This was an interesting task we completed in our mythology class. We had about 8 minutes to write a quick short story, which I did in the form of a monologue. We had to write from the point of view of our shadow talking about ourselves. It was very personal but I still want to... Continue Reading →

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