Review: Hot Dog Girl | June 2019 | #ThreeHallows

June's #ThreeHallows Book Club Pick CHECK OUT THE POSTS FROM THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CLUBPOWISAMYALEX CHAPPELL Hot Dog Girl By Jennifer Dugan Jennifer Dugan is a writer, geek, and romantic who writes the kinds of stories she wishes she had growing up. In addition to being a young adult novelist, she is also the... Continue Reading →

Review: Enchantée | May 2019 | #ThreeHallows

I wasn't sure about this book even before I started to read it, but I was open to reading something new. I liked the fact it contained magic, but I am one of those very rare people who doesn't actually like Les Misérables (which this book is compared to), and I've never had much of an interest in revolutionary France...

Review: Girls With Sharp Sticks | April 2019 | #ThreeHallows

For those of you looking to read something different, this is a book I highly recommend. There's no main romance that distracts from the plot, and it's a type of Science Fiction that is more commonly seen in adult novels rather than YA, targeted to fit this new audience which couldn't have been an easy task to do.

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