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This is a list of all the memes I take part in on my blog.

Monday’s Memo

Copy of Grand Makeup Sale (3)

Hosted right here on RacheLeanne this is a weekly or monthly meme to discuss anything you want about the week or month ahead! You may choose to discuss what you are excited about, what book you are reading/want to read. What tasks you need to do, what films and TV you are excited for and anything else you can think of!


Top Ten Tuesday

Copy of Grand Makeup Sale


First Lines Friday

Copy of Grand Makeup Sale (2)


And occasionally you can catch me on twitter @RacheLeanne for the UKYAChat at 8pm!

Stacking The Shelves

Grand Makeup Sale


Sunday Post

Copy of Grand Makeup Sale



When I First Saw You

Copy of Grand Makeup Sale (1)
Update Post


Thank you to Book Shelf Fantasies for adding Monday Memo to their meme directory.

Bookshelf Fantasies

And thanks to ArtsyDraft as well for also featuring my Monday’s Memo too.


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